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Storage Covers made to order by Cunningham Covers, one of the UK's leading tarpaulin manufacturers.

Manufactured in Ireland. Shipped Globally.
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Storage Covers Made to Measure

The heavy duty PVC storage cover is one of Cunningham Covers' core products and vital for protecting valuable goods when warehouse space is at a premium.

Heavy duty storage covers allow our customers to store valuable stock outside, safe in the knowledge that goods will be protected from the often harsh elements. Cunninghams provide custom-made flat or shaped tarpaulin covers, allowing clients to create that much needed extra storage in a simple yet very effective way.

PVC Storage Tarps accommodate goods which would normally require internal storage, such as timber, cement and agricultural machinery which are particularly sensitive to the elements. Using a 610gsm or 900gsm PVC material our clients can be confident that their additional storage provision will effectively accommodate and protect their goods.