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Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets Quotation

Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets made to order by Cunningham Covers, one of the UK's leading tarpaulin manufacturers.

Manufactured in Ireland. Shipped Globally.
Clever protective covers.

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Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets

Cunningham’s purpose is to improve lives by manufacturing Clever Protective Covers. This is exactly what we aim to achieve with our Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Blankets.

The blankets are used to control and isolate fires in Electric Vehicles. It helps contains both the flames and toxic fumes. They have a temperature resistance of up to 1600ºC, and comes with wall-mounted cabinet and a waterproof carrying bag for ease of deployment.

Blankets are made to a standard of 8 x 6m but can be made bespoke to any size.

ev fire blanket


  • Fast and effective solution
  • Smothers and isolates the fire
  • Can be deployed in any location
  • Designed to be easily used by everyone
  • Unlimited - Can be used on all vehicle types

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Our Clever Protective Covers can be recycled or repurposed in line with our sustainability goals.